Our Mission

CAW MVMT is reshaping art consumption, offering unmatched digital marketing support and curated art experiences. With over a decade in advertising and expertise in NFT projects since 2021, we empower creators like you.

No matter your medium—be it lens, clay, or paint—CAW MVMT elevates your artistry and connects you with a global audience, fostering meaningful connections and lasting impact.

Creating seamless IRL and Web3 experiences...

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Member Benefits

Unlock exclusive benefits as a Creative Member! Gain access to dedicated marketing support, networking opportunities, exhibition chances, and educational resources to enhance your career. Scroll down to learn more about the benefits this membership entail.

Specialty Events

Exclusive Art Exhibitions

Take advantage of the best events happening in Dubai while we showcase your art to an audience who will view your art with undivided attention, unlike any other art exhibitions that are over-saturated with too many artists.

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Artist Spotlight

Dedicated Marketing Support

Let us handle and bring out the best kind of content that highlights your artistic path and persona through our strategic content. Enjoy 12 guaranteed posts, including social ads, showcasing your story.

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Embrace your identity as an NFT artist with confidence! Launch your NFTs with us and benefit from our dedicated Web3 marketing support.

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Art Community

Join our vibrant community of passionate traditional and NFT artists, art lovers, NFT collectors, Web3 enthusiasts and coffee aficionados.

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Your Art, Your Voice

Keep Creating

We will not ask you to give up anything you are already doing, in contrary, we will join you and add value to your creative efforts.

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Who is a ‘Creative Member’?

  1. Photographers
  2. Sculptors
  3. Digital artists
  4. Illustrators
  5. Printmakers
  6. Mixed media artists
  7. Installation artists
  8. Street artists
  9. Textile artists
  10. Ceramic artists

Who is CAW MVMT Creative Membership Plan for?

CAW MVMT Creative Membership Plan is for creators who want to grow their social presence, reach NFT art collectors, and participate in unique real-life events and exhibitions that bring together web3 builders, coffee lovers, art enthusiasts and NFT collectors.

Why is it important for creators to maintain their social presence?

Maintaining a social presence helps creators connect with their audience, build their brand, and increase their visibility in the competitive art market, whilst making use of the innovative tech solutions.

Why should creators invest in themselves?

Investing in yourself is crucial for long-term growth. CAW MVMT offers affordable membership plans uses strategic growth plans, saving creators the high costs associated with media coverage and expert consultation.

What benefits can creators expect as NFT artists?

By joining CAW MVMT, creators can gain recognition as NFT artists, deepen their knowledge about the technology, expand their collector base, and reach a global audience in the web3 space.