'Merely Random' Art Exhibition Open Call

Merely Random Art Exhibition


Dates: From September to October 2024.

Duration: 2 weeks

Event Date: Saturday

Location: Bake N More

Admission Fee:

  • Up to 5 artworks - 250AED
  • Up to 10 artworks - 500AED
  • Digital/Physical Art Installation (Ipad/screen/objects/sculptures installed by artist) 300AED
  • Digital Art (Print and framing handled by CAW MVMT): 1,000AED



  • Press Release
  • Certificate of Appreciation by: CAW MVMT & BakeNMore
  • SM Coverage
  • In-person Event
  • Private Viewing to Select Art Lovers


Up to 5 Artworks pay here.

Up to 10 Artworks pay here

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Digital Art Print handled by CAW MVMT pay here.


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About the Open Call

CAW MVMT, in collaboration with BakeNMore, invites female artists based in the UAE to showcase their work in an exclusive art exhibition. This unique opportunity aims to celebrate and empower women in the arts by providing a platform to display their creativity and connect with a broader audience.

Selected artists will have the chance to exhibit their works in a vibrant setting that merges the worlds of art and culinary delight, enhancing the visibility of their talent while engaging with art enthusiasts and the community. Join us in celebrating the diversity and strength of female artistry in this extraordinary showcase!


Exhibition Theme: "Merely Random"

We invite you to explore the profound and spontaneous connections that shape our lives through the theme "Merely Random". This exhibition seeks to delve into the unexpected intersections and serendipitous encounters that ignite creativity and bind diverse experiences together.

"Merely Random" is a celebration of the unplanned moments that draw us into new cultural landscapes and inspire artistic expression. We seek artworks that reflect the whimsical yet purposeful journey of stumbling upon a new culture and being enveloped by its vibrant essence. Think of the serendipity that leads to a fusion of colors and the harmonious blending of distinct narratives.

We're looking for pieces that capture the spirit of these random yet significant connections, where each artist's unique story adds a vital thread to the collective tapestry. Your work should evoke the richness of this randomness, portraying how chance encounters and diverse backgrounds contribute to a larger, interconnected journey.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Theme Alignment: Your artwork should resonate with the theme of unexpected encounters and cultural convergence. It should illustrate how random paths cross to create purposeful narratives.
  • Diverse Perspectives: We encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds, highlighting how your unique experiences contribute to this shared journey.
  • Mediums: All artistic mediums are welcome, including painting, sculpture, digital art, photography, and mixed media.
  • Submission Deadline: July 30, 2024
  • Application Process: Submit up to 10 artworks, a brief artist statement, and a short biography.



Open for entry: Tuesday 18 June, 10:00 am

Entry deadline: Friday 2 August, 12 noon

Selection notification: TBC

Artwork Completion: TBC

Artwork Delivery: TBC

Private View: TBC

Exhibition open to public: TBC

Collection of unsold work: TBC


How to Apply

  • Submission: Submit your entries through this form by the specified deadlines. Only works selected via the online submission will be accepted on the designated hand-in day.
  • Sales Requirement: All selected artworks must be available for sale.
  • No Restrictions: There are no limitations on size, discipline, or media.
  • Supporting Images: Include at least three, up to eight, supporting images of your work, including sketches. You may also submit images of previous works and links to videos or other documentation.
  • Artwork Details: Ensure all artwork details, including titles and prices, are accurate. These details will be used for labels, the exhibition catalog, and online listings.
  • Video Links: If your submission includes an online video or related materials, provide the link and any required password.
  • Image Specifications: Submit image files as .JPG or .PNG, no larger than 3MB. Resize to approximately 1600 pixels wide if needed, and save with the artwork title as the file name (e.g., ArtName1.jpg).



  • Originality: Only original works will be accepted; no reproductions or copies.
  • Residency Requirement: Artists must reside in the UAE. All selected works must be delivered to and collected from the location by the artist or a designated representative or courier.

Selected Works

  • Notification: Selection results will be emailed to the address you have provided.
  • Delivery: Deliver works that pass the online selection to the location by the specified date.
  • Final Selection: The final selection occurs upon delivery, and works not selected must be collected from the location.


Delivery of Your Work

  • Labeling: Also, attach a permanent label with your name, artwork title, price, and contact details on the back of your artwork.
  • Packaging: Remove all packaging materials from the delivery location.
  • Installation: Artists may install their own work if preferred, and will be contacted if necessary.

Sales & Commission

  • Commission: A 40% commission applies to all sales made during the exhibition.
  • Private Sales: Any private sales during or as a result of the exhibition must be processed through CAW MVMT representative.
  • Exclusive Sales: Selected works should not be for sale on other platforms during the exhibition, except for print editions.


  • Responsibility: CAW MVMT and BakeNMore are not responsible for any loss or damage during the exhibition or transit. Artists should insure their own work.

Framing and Finishing

  • Presentation: Ensure professional and contemporary framing; no metal frames. Wet paint is not accepted and could incur damage costs.
  • Fixings: Works must be free of hooks and cords and properly marked for orientation.

Plinth and Display Equipment

  • Provision: Artists must supply their own plinths or display equipment and any necessary technical gear.


  • Promotion: Submitted works may be photographed or video recorded for promotional purposes unless otherwise specified by the artist.

By submitting your work to the Merely Random Art Exhibition, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms & conditions outlined above.

  • Can I submit multiple artworks?

    Yes, you can submit up to 5 artworks for curation. Each submission is subject to the submission fee.

  • What is the curation process?

    Our team of experts will review your submitted artworks to ensure they meet the quality and theme of the P3.0P Art Collection. You'll receive feedback and approval status within a few days.

  • What if I need help launching my NFT?

    If you encounter any difficulties, our step-by-step video guide will walk you through the process. Additionally, you can book a one-hour virtual consultancy session included in the NFT launch fee for personalized assistance.